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João Crisóstomo

Celebrating the harmony between classic and contemporary, Beelt is proud to announce the completion of one of its most recent projects on Avenida João Crisóstomo in Lisbon. This project stands out for its complete transformation of an apartment in a 1950s building, respecting its historical heritage while introducing modern amenities and technical innovations.

The concern for thermal and acoustic comfort was addressed by replacing the windows with PVC models that replicate the design of the originals, thus guaranteeing the maintenance of aesthetics while offering superior insulation. The walls were given a plasterboard covering, a choice that not only improved thermal and acoustic comfort, but also made it easier to integrate the water, electricity and telecommunications networks. In line with sustainability and energy efficiency, a heat pump was incorporated to heat the sanitary water and air conditioning systems to control the room temperature.

The interior design, by Felipa Magalhães, is characterized by meticulous attention to detail, especially in the lighting and the work with noble materials, such as the large stone panels and mirrored walls that embellish the bathrooms. The varnished afizelia wood floor adds a touch of elegance and harks back to the quality of the materials typical of the era in which the building was constructed. Over the course of seven months, Beelt, with the collaboration of Femma Interior Design, worked not just to rehabilitate a space, but to create a home that reflects the fusion of comfort, efficiency and design.

General contractor: Beelt

Client: Private

Interior Architecture: Femma interior design

Intervention type: Complete rehabilitation of an apartment

Total Area: 200 m2

Location: Lisbon

Year: 2023

Duration: 7 months


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