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Sacadura Cabral

Beelt has successfully completed another comprehensive refurbishment of an apartment near Campo Pequeno in Lisbon.

The intervention in this small 70m² apartment focused on modernizing the floors, coverings, window frames, electrical, water and sewage infrastructures. The essence of the apartment was preserved, maintaining the original typology and layout.

Beelt’s vision was clear: to transform the space into a contemporary environment that exuded comfort and practicality. The apartment was meticulously updated to meet the demands of the rental market, where not only functionality is sought, but also an appealing and timeless aesthetic. The selection of materials was made with special attention to durability and unanimity, to ensure that the apartment would appeal to a wide range of potential tenants.

The private client, who entrusted this project to Beelt, benefited from the company’s vast experience in maximizing the potential of residential spaces. Through a careful and efficient intervention, carried out on time and on budget, Beelt delivered a project that not only revitalizes the apartment, but also contributes to the enhancement of the city’s urban heritage.

General contractor: Beelt

Client: Private

Intervention type: Complete rehabilitation of an apartment

Total Area: 70 m2

Location: Lisbon

Year: 2023

Duration: 5 months


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